Sunday, July 6, 2014

Before we got to the tartas and tortillas, there was pizza!

In an effort to help us celebrate our special day, our local restaurant Casablanca surprised the students with pizza. And lots of it.

As always, we instructors put together a spectacular (yet questionable) menu beforehand and as students labored over their choices (and tried to decide just how hungry they were), we called to make sure everything was set for their arrival. You can only imagine their faces when they discovered that they'd be trading in their ensalada de gulas (baby eel salad) or any of the other "delectable" dishes for a cheese and sausage pizza! Although our adventurous eaters were admittedly a little disappointed that they didn't get to try some of the more far-fetched dishes, nobody held back when the waitresses offered to bring more. Oh, and there was plenty of Coca Cola and a homemade dessert of natillas (custard) too.

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