Friday, July 25, 2014

The city of El Greco...

Like Segovia, Toledo is a city that was once a thriving home to three cultures: Christian, Muslim and Jewish, all of which undoubtedly left their mark on the city. Located about 70 km from Madrid, the city was the former capital of the Kingdom of Castile and serves as the current capital for the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha (hence, the wide variety of Don Quijote-themed decorations and souvenirs available to the desiring shopper.) Here we visited the Álcazar, which was largely reconstructed following near-destruction during the Spanish civil war, the Plaza Mayor, the Claustro de Santa Isabel and also the Primada Catedral de Santa María. We also indulged in a few local traditions, such as sampling the delicious mazapanes  and purchasing handmade jewelry/swords/daggers crafted in the demasquinado style. Here is a glimpse of what our day looked like.

The view in the last three pictures is the same one that the world-famous artist El Greco tried to capture in many of his paintings. Those who went into the cathedral also got to see an impressive display of his works.

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