Sunday, July 27, 2014

La autoexpresión a través del arte/Self-expression through art

Artwork by Kate Kimball

While each one of us instructors could go on (and on) about all of your child's linguistic and academic achievements this summer, I'd like to take a moment to share with all of you one particular project that the students did as a final "essay" for my culture class because it is one that I am very proud of and they should be too. Instead of asking for a traditional essay or research paper, I asked the students to create a drawing, painting or sketch in the style of one of the artists we studied and to use their experience abroad as their theme. Then, I asked them to explain their inspiration and their piece, as almost all artists must do at some point in their careers. The results, simply put, were amazing. While some have natural talent, others have recently discovered theirs and found this type of self-expression to be much more real and gratifying than a page filled with words and another with sources.

To my artists, I say "¡felicidades!" on a job well done.

These works have been saved and will be sent to the students as part of a León time capsule (of sorts) so you too can enjoy them.

Also, as credit should be given where it is due, I am very grateful for my friend and colleague at Marian Catholic who uses this project each year with her Spanish III students and shared the idea with me.

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