Saturday, July 5, 2014

Nothing cures homesickness like a...

Shown here is what has (quickly) become our students' local hangout, Taste of America. Although the students enjoy the meals with their host families and eat well during our daily lunches at Casablanca, they've made it clear that there's nothing better than a Reese's or a bag of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish when they're feeling down or missing home.  Embracing locals and visitors alike, Taste of America brings a wide variety of American grocery products to the heart of León. They have everything from soda to PopTarts, chips to cookie mixes - basically, whatever one could desire. And the best part? The owners and the employees could not be any nicer. They're wonderful to instructors and students alike and invited us to participate in their own 4th of July festivities at the shop. While we were unable to attend because of our picnic with host families, the students were insistent upon inviting everyone from Taste of America to our next big event, which will be the fiesta de despedida on the 22 of July.    

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