Monday, June 16, 2014

La Catedral de León

Today's sightseeing tour of our host city began with a visit to the the House of Light, or as it is more commonly known, the Cathedral of León. The cathedral, dedicated to Santa María de la Regla, is widely regarded as one of the three most important along the Camino de Santiago, or Way of St. James bringing many peregrinos (pilgrims) to León each year. This Gothic cathedral, completed in the 16th century,  contains nearly1800 square meters of stained glass.
Although several of the students attended mass at the cathedral yesterday, there was not much time for them to look around and take it all in. Here is just a *bit* of what they saw.

Local legend says that anyone who sticks their head in this long-since vacated tomb will do well on their next quiz or exam.  Since I didn't have any immediate volunteers, I gave it a try on the students' behalf. We'll see how this goes. :)
Our next stop on the tour was the cathedral's cloister and museum. 

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