Monday, June 16, 2014

La Plaza Mayor and San Isidoro

After leaving the cathedral, we made our way to the Plaza Mayor. The Plaza Mayor, where the Saturday market is held, is also the perfect setting for concerts and other local events.

From the Plaza Mayor we took a short walk to the Basílica de San Isidoro. San Isidoro was built at the site of ancient Roman temple and houses the basilica, royal pantheon and a museum, whose exhibits include ancient manuscripts, medieval art and numerous religious relics. And per recent news reports, San Isidoro also counts the Holy Grail amongst its treasures. As photos are not permitted inside San Isidoro, the following shots were taken in front (where the espectáculo de luces is shown) and inside the claustro (cloister).

This is the entry to the royal pantheon, or funeral chapel, of the kings of León where history and religion have clashed on numerous occasions.

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