Sunday, June 15, 2014

Looking ahead...

As the students' first weekend in León comes to an end, we've got much to look forward to in the week ahead. On Monday, students will get their official tour of two of the cities' most notable landmarks, the cathedral and the Real Colegiata de San Isidoro. We will also see the Plaza Mayor, Gaudí's Casa de Botines (also known as Casa Botines) and walk through some of the cities' well-known barrios (neighborhoods). On Tuesday, classes and afternoon activities will start for IUHPFL students. On Wednesday, we will have our first día de deportes (sports' day) and Friday will be our first excursion to the ancient Roman city of Segovia. The weekend will busy for all with the beginning of the local fiestas in celebration of San Juan y San Pedro, the corrida de toros (bull fight) and other activities with host families and friends.

 Seen here are women dressed in traditional dance costumes for the upcoming fiestas.

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